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Embrace a Happy Abdomen: Ayurveda’s Natural Solutions for Gastric Woes

Importance of Digestion 

Digestion breaks down food to provide energy to the body. The digestive process is utilized by the human body to break down food into a form that can be absorbed and used as fuel. As a consequence, your body absorbs nutrients while your digestive system eliminates trash. In actuality, our bodies require nutrients from food and water in order to function effectively and remain healthy. As a result, digestion is the sole route to access those nutrients. 

Common Digestive Problems

Gastritis: It is an inflammation of the stomach lining.

Peptic ulcers: They are lesions that form in the lining of the stomach, lower esophagus, or the first section of the small intestine.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease: This is a disorder in which stomach contents travel backward or reflux into the esophagus.

Irritable bowel syndrome: IBS is a type of gastrointestinal condition that is classified as a functional bowel disorder.

Chronic diarrhea: It is characterized as regular loose stools lasting longer than four weeks.

Constipation: If you have hard or tiny pellet-like stools, fewer than three times per week stools, or feel the need to strain while passing motion, you may have constipation.

Inflammatory bowel disorders: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are examples of inflammatory bowel illnesses (IBD).

Bowel obstruction: It refers to a blockage in the small or large intestines. The blockage might be partial or full, but it makes it difficult for food and fluids to move through the intestines, causing considerable discomfort.

Ayurvedic Understanding of Digestive Problems

In Ayurveda, poor digestion is referred to as Agnimandya, which means a diminished digestive fire that is unable to transform rasa (nutrients) into life-sustaining Ojas. In addition to being a cause of various ailments, poor digestion is a health issue in and of itself.

According to the Ayurvedic healing system, our capacity to digest what we take in from the environment determines our health and well-being. The modern lifestyle with stress and food habits contribute a lot to gastric irritation , gas in abdomen and uneasiness and make us dependent on drugs on a daily basis. 

Natural medicines with native food advice help them a lot to avoid the drugs and have a happy abdomen.

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